Alliance to End Plastic Waste commits $1bn

Research from the Ocean Conservancy shows that nearly 80 percent of plastic waste in the ocean begins as litter on land, the vast majority of which travels to the sea by rivers. To tackle this issue, an alliance of global

City of Melbourne hits 100% renewable energy

Melbourne the second most populous city in Australia is kicking off 2019 with the news that 100 % of the its operations are now powered by 100 % renewable energy – an Australian first. “Every light on our streets, every treadmill in

Virtuous Investing Starts to Pay Off

Whenever the issue of socially responsible stock-picking arises, so too does the suspicion that doing good comes at a price. A study published this week by Amundi SA, Europe’s biggest money manager with 1.5 trillion euros ($1.7 trillion) of assets,

10 clean energy developments of 2018

2018 showed that clean energy is becoming more the norm and the world is moving forward on clean energy. From India to the Caribbean to businesses and cities in the United States, 2018 was a great year for energy efficiency,

Fitch Ratings Launches ESG Scores to Show Impact on Credit

Fitch is the first credit rating agency (CRA) to systematically publish an opinion about how ESG issues are relevant and material to individual entity credit ratings. Fitch is initially making all of its ESG Relevance Scores available in the public

Amundi commits to ESG into all its €1.5tn funds

Amundi has committed to integrating ESG into nearly all of its €1.5tn in funds. Amundi currently has €280bn in ESG funds but committed in October to its 2021 Action Plan. The explicit inclusion of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors

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