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EU steps up action to protect the world’s forests

The European Commission has outlined new set of actions to protect and restore the world’s forests, which host 80% of biodiversity on land, support the livelihoods of around a quarter of the world’s population, and are vital to our efforts

Impact investing survey shows a diverse and growing impact investing market

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) published its Annual Impact Investor Survey, providing indepth analysis of impact investing market trends, challenges, capital allocations geographies, impact measurement and management from 266 leaders in the impact investing market. “Global challenges like entrenched

Are consumers willing to pay more for green?

According to a report by Nielsen Global Corporate Social Responsibility Survey, it appears they are. The survey polled 30,000 consumers across 60 countries, uncovering the following results: 52% of consumers review the product package to determine if it’s sustainable. 55% will pay more

Google’s initiatives towards a circular economy.

A linear economy has a beginning and an end. Companies use materials, turn them into products, transport them to an end user who eventually tosses it in the trash. In 2017, global demand for resources was approximately 1.7 times what



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