50% of South Australia is now running on renewable energy


Australia continues moving towards renewable energy with all states and territories generating more renewable energy than in previous years.

South Australia has the highest proportion of total electricity generation now officially running on 50% renewable energy.

With its abundant natural resources, South Australia has been leading Australia’s efforts to clean up the electricity sector. The state’s energy comes from a mix of renewable energy and gas, which produces much less pollution than electricity generated from coal.

Renewable energy is also good for jobs and the economy. Investment in renewable energy has seen more than $7.1 billion invested in the state, with more than 40 per cent being in regional areas.

According to data released by the Department of the Environment and Energy showing Australia’s electricity generation in 2018. Australia generated 18.9% of its electricity from renewable energy technologies in 2018, mainly from wind, solar and hydro. This was up from 15.2% in 2017.

Excluding hydro and biomass nationwide wind and solar generation supply only 10.8% of Australia’s electricity in 2018.

Energy supply sources across Australia

Energy generation sources are expected to change significantly going forward into the future.

In the past decade, nine coal-fired power stations have closed in Australia, including the Port Augusta plant in South Australia. Australia’s most emissions-intensive power station, Hazelwood in Victoria, closes from late March 2017.

Around the world, trillions of dollars are being invested in renewable energy.

This is because renewable energy is fast becoming the cheapest way to invest in new electricity generation, and it does not create pollution that causes global warming.

In Australia, the Federal Government, by agreeing to the international agreement on climate change, known as the Paris Agreement, has committed Australia to produce energy, in ways that do not cause pollution, by the middle of this century.





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