Nike joins the race against climate change


In the race against climate change, there isn’t a moment to lose.

That’s why Nike is signing on to the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, a commitment under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Nike joins UN Climate Change and global brands, retailers and suppliers in accelerating some of the industry’s most aggressive climate targets yet – including a 30 % reduction in aggregate greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and a vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

“Issues as big and complex as climate change call for us to collaborate across our industry and beyond,” says Noel Kinder, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “That’s why we’re committed to doing just that in partnership with UN Climate Change – teaming up with peers and partners across sectors to do what’s right for our planet and for the future of sport.”

Beyond collaborating with UN Climate Change and industry partners, Nike is also helping to drive broader change through a number of other coalitions and commitments. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, for instance, Nike works alongside a cross-sector coalition dedicated to advancing sustainable development.

Through partnership with RE100, Nike has committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy. And most recently, Nike launched an open-source circular design guide to help designers worldwide create products sustainably.

Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design inspires conversation by sharing 10 key principles:

These commitments reflect Nike’s intentions to creating a better, more sustainable world – for the next generation and for the future for sport.

Over the years, Nike’s view to solving problems has broadened from one that considered just the intersection of athlete and product to one that views the entire athlete ecology holistically — which is where issues of sustainability become hugely important.  



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