The Sydney Opera House $2.5 million electricity bill will go towards solar and wind energy


The Sydney Opera House will switch its $2.5 million annual electricity bill towards wind and solar energy.

Under a deal with Flow Power,  the Sydney Opera House will buy 16 gigawatt hours of wind and solar output every year from Sapphire wind farm and the Bomen solar farm, in NSW.

Flow Power is a relatively new player in the corporate energy market yet it is now coordinating renewable energy contracts with large energy users.

The Sapphire wind farm in northern NSW has been mostly contracted by the ACT government, as part of its own 100 % renewable target for 2020. 

Flow Power was contracted for seven years, with options for an extension. This contract will deliver lower electricity prices and also lock a lower price for the period of the contract.

This move has followed Melbourne the second most populous city in Australia who kicked sourcing 100 % of its operations with 100 % renewable energy in 2019.

From Street lights, treadmills, gyms to barbecues in parks these are all now being powered by renewable energy.

The nation is trying to lead a response to climate change, securing a sustainable energy supply for the future and has shown a great example of how a major city with a $92 billion economy can influence positive outcomes in regional towns.



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