Mexico City to ban single-use plastics


Mexico City to ban plastic bags, utensils, and other single-use disposable plastic items.

The ban on plastic bags will take effect in December 2020. The ban on straws, utensils, balloons and other single-use items will take effect in January 2021.

Mexico City has yet to publish regulations and create a definition for biodegradable bags, as well as set the applicable penalties for violating the ban.

Plastic bags can end up clogging waterways and killing marine animals and take around a century to break down.

According to data collected by, Inegi, the national statistics institute.  Mexico City produces 1.8 kilos of waste a day per person. That’s almost 16.5 million kilos of waste generated daily in the country’s capital.

Legislators said they would now open debate on a spending package to help companies shift their production and use of plastics towards biodegradable materials.

Grocery stores under Comercial Mexicana have switched to biodegradable plastic bags, which they say take less than two years to break down.

According to research by The World Economic Forum, the world produces 300 million tonnes of plastic every year and one-third is never collected by the waste system ending in our oceans.

Image: World Economic Forum

Creating a circular economy for plastic and recycling could reverse the situation.

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