Tokyo 2020 Takes Important Steps in Delivering Sustainability Plan


The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) published its Sustainability Progress Report, summarising progress, in the implementation of the Tokyo 2020 Sustainability Plan. The report covers areas including procurement and venue and infrastructure construction or renovation and was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Core Option, a set of international standards governing sustainability reporting.

The report details progress achieved thanks to initiatives that were launched in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the following areas:

  • Climate Change
  • Resource Management
  • Natural Environment and Biodiversity
  • Human Rights, Labour and Fair Business Practices
  • Involvement, Cooperation and Communications (Engagement)

“With about one year and four months left until the Games, the year 2019 will see Tokyo 2020 undergo a sea change as we transition from the planning phase to the operations phase, which will entail a shift in focus to the respective Games competition venues. This year will be extremely important in our efforts to ensure that sustainability is given adequate consideration. All members of Tokyo 2020 will work as one to cultivate a deeper awareness of their respective roles and ensure that sustainability is incorporated into all of our activities as we look toward 2020 and beyond.”, said Toshiro Muto, CEO Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo 2020 Takes Important Steps in Delivering Sustainability Plan

Key activities and achievements to date include:

  • The collection of used electronic devices in order to extract the precious metals they contain and the recycling of these devices to manufacture gold, silver and bronze Olympic and Paralympic medals has progressed on target, generating significant public engagement in Japan and internationally. More than 18,000 collection boxes have been installed at the offices of participating businesses and Games partners, government departments, and chambers of commerce across the country. Tokyo 2020 partner companies are also cooperating in a variety of ways, such as by donating their employees’ used mobile phones. Approximately 47,488 tons of discarded devices and over 5 million used mobile phones had been collected as of October 2018.
  • Sixty-three municipalities across Japan have joined Operation BATON – Building Athletes’ village with Timber Of the Nation. The project aims to construct the Village Plaza using sustainably sourced Japanese timber donated by local authorities across Japan, before dismantling it after the Games in order to return the timber for reuse in the communities – for example, as a public bench or part of a school building.
  • Efforts have been made towards offsetting CO2 emissions in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Saitama Prefectural Government. Tokyo 2020 also encourages citizens participation in activities to reduce and absorb CO2.
  • In addition to the Sustainable Sourcing Code, which governs the overall procurement for the Tokyo 2020 Games, supplementary criteria for the sourcing of paper and palm oil were established in 2018 to help ensure sustainable sourcing for these items.
  • Energy-saving initiatives and renewable energy technology have been installed at the new permanent venues being built; Tokyo 2020 has also worked to ensure accessibility at these venues is in accordance with its Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Tokyo 2020 has also promoted the reuse and recycling of procured items, established rules governing asset management and disposal, and ensured more efficient procurement of resources by such means as leasing.

Tokyo 2020 Takes Important Steps in Delivering Sustainability Plan



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