Earth Hour 30th of March 8:30 PM Save the Date


Starting as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, WWF’s Earth Hour has become the world’s largest movement for the environment.

This year, it inspired individuals, communities, businesses and organizations in a record 188 countries and territories to take environmental action.

Since 2007, WWF’s Earth Hour has helped to bring climate action from global conferences to people’s homes. Now is the time to do the same for nature and biodiversity, which underpin the well-being and prosperity of people everywhere on Earth.

Earth Hour helps to remind electricity consumers that small conservation acts can lead to large benefits.

Earth hour is a way to express support for changing the way the world uses energy — more than a hundred countries participate every year, and thousands of famous landmarks, from Vegas to Giza, go dark for the occasion.

We need to make sure people understand it’s not about trying to generate energy savings in one hour. It is a symbolic event that allows people concerned with climate change to connect around the world and a reminder that action and cooperation needs to be taken tackle global warming.

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