The investment agenda is being guided by SDGs and the Paris Agreement


10 years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers that triggered the global financial crisis, and what started as a fringe movement is moving increasingly towards the center stage.

More than ever, asset managers and owners are considering Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG) in the investment process.

According to a survey by New Week Vantage – Going Mainstream the future of ESG investing. The Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will continue to drive the investment agenda.

65% of surveyed investors singled out topics related to global warming as their first priority: as well ramping up investments in renewables, over half of investors expect to have divested from fossil fuels by 2030.

97% of asset owners and managers said they expect that ESG information is going to become more relevant to the investment process in the years to 2030.

Over 60% also have an explicit policy on the SDGs, with health and diversity among the key themes, yet many express concern about how to achieve them. Aside from their obvious complexity, a challenge is their focus on developing markets still outside of the comfort zone of many institutional investors.

More than three-quarters (78%) of survey respondents with similar trends across regions – agreed that their organization should be making investments that aim to create positive value for society if they reduce long-term financial risks.

A slightly smaller majority (71%) agreed that they should make such investments if they increase long-term but not necessarily short-term returns.

Source :New Week Vantage – Going Mainstream the future of ESG investing



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