High performing ESG funds


As socially responsible investments grow in popularity, the perception that such investments lack options is fading.

Morningstar ratings assesses funds on environmental, social and governance factors, even if the funds don’t label themselves as ESG investments.

Here are some of the top performers this year through Sept. 30 among funds that qualify for Morningstar Inc.’s “high” rating on sustainability.

When selecting funds it is important to also consider other factors such as volatility and risk, fund size, historical returns, strategy investment horizons and fees among other aspects. It is also equally important to assess their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach and that it aligns with your personal values and objectives

10. Polen Growth Fund

Return year-to-date: 23.57%

Ticker: POLIX

Fund assets: $2.6 billion

9. Vanguard Information Technology Index Fund

Return year-to-date: 23.99%

Ticker: VITAX

Fund assets: $24.5 billion

8. Kinetics Small Cap Opportunities Fund

Return year-to-date: 25%

Ticker: KSCYX

Fund assets: $336.8 million

7. Morgan Stanley Institutional Small Company Grow

Return year-to-date: 25.46%

Ticker: MFLLX

Fund assets: $281.5 million

6. T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund

Return year-to-date: 25.52%

Ticker: PRJIX

Fund assets: $26.1 billion

5. Artisan Small Cap Fund

Return year-to-date: 27.71%

Ticker: APHSX

Fund assets: $1.8 billion

4. ProFunds Technology UltraSector Fund

Return year-to-date: 28.07%

Ticker: TEPIX

Fund assets: $73.3 million

3. Brown Capital Mgmt Small Company Fund

Return year-to-date: 31.46%

Ticker: BCSSX

Fund assets: $5.4 billion

2. Nationwide Small Company Growth Fund

Return year-to-date: 32.05%

Ticker: NWSIX

Fund assets: $332.3 million

1. Leland Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Index

Return year-to-date: 37.23%

Ticker: LDVIX

Fund assets: $99.5 million

The information provided is not a recommendation to invest or purchase products. This information does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs, all of which should be considered prior to making an investment decision.