Women care… and want to invest responsibly


At the end of the day, people don’t seek to build wealth just for the sake of it; they do so with an objective in mind—a vision of how wealth will help make their lives, their community and their world better.

Impact Investing—also known as Sustainable Investing or Environment, Social, Governance (“ESG”) — offers investors positive social impact alongside positive financial returns. Not to be confused with philanthropy, Impact Investing is predicated on the belief that companies that act responsibly with regard to ESG perform better financially.

Seeing the opportunity for financial gains while also encouraging socially responsible behavior, it’s no wonder why more and more investors are adopting investment strategies that incorporate an ESG investment approach

1. 70% of institutional investors say they are integrating sustainable investing into their investment process.3

2. The majority of millennials, Gen X and women believe that a company’s track record in environmental, social and governance is an important consideration for investing. In fact, 37% of all high net worth investors are reviewing their portfolios for impact investments.2

3. 90% of women surveyed globally said making a positive impact on society is important when considering investment decisions, and 77% indicated that they want to invest in companies with diversity in leadership.3

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