‘Sustainability revolution’ has the ability to replace the effects of Industrial Revolution: Al Gore


‘Sustainability revolution’ has the ability to replace the effects of Industrial Revolution: Al GoreAt the GSG Summit held late last year, former US Vice President and environmentalist Al Gore made an impassioned plea to act now to deal with global warming and its adverse effects.

We only have the next 12 years to cut our fossil-fuel use by half and eliminate its usage for the next 30 years, and take other precautionary and revolutionary steps towards global energy infrastructure to limit global warming effects.

Our mistake has been in believing that we are different from the rest, separate from nature and one another. We have to realise that we are interdependent and we are much more dependent upon the ecological balance that has given rise to the flourishing of civilisation.”, said Al Gore.

Stressing on the urgent need for government interference, Gore said, “We have to connect the dots and note the actions because these events that sound crazy are happening as we speak. Fifty percent of the animals are already at risk or at the risk of being endangered in this century. Some nations, are challenged even in the best of climates, in the best of conditions, but when you overlay these burdens then the risk of chaos and violence increases significantly.”

Energy conservation is the need of the hour. Sustainable choices and innovations will do for earth what Morse Code did for computing. It is staggering to a point where sustainable electricity is cheaper in a few regions than electricity from burning fossil fuels,” Gore said, adding that we are on the brink of a ‘sustainability revolution’, bolstered by tech advancements, namely IoT, machine learning, big data, AI, blockchain, and supercomputing.




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