Consumers demand business sustainability, research shows


Striving for sustainability: is the industry living up to consumer demand?In September, Veolia, a resource management company and founding member of the UK Plastics Pact, revealed a new survey that showed 89% of consumers believed that packaging should be changed to be more sustainable.

Of that 89%:

  • 35% of people agreed that packaging should be made from recycled materials
  • 30% of people thought packaging should be more easily recyclable
  • 24% of people thought packaging should be removed altogether.

The research also revealed that there is still a base level of confusion to be combatted, with many consumers not aware that certain items, such as coffee cups and toothpaste tubes, are commonly recyclable.

The consumer demand for manufacturers to increase their sustainability efforts is significant, and is backed by a willingness to financially support the transition. Veolia’s ‘ Plan for Plastics ’ report, also released in September, found that 93% of consumers think plastic bottles should contain recycled content and 55% of people think the majority of a bottle should be recycled content.

Moreover, 51% of consumers surveyed said that they would be willing to pay extra for recycled bottles.