Amundi commits to ESG into all its €1.5tn funds


Amundi has committed to integrating ESG into nearly all of its €1.5tn in funds.

Amundi currently has €280bn in ESG funds but committed in October to its 2021 Action Plan.

The explicit inclusion of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors will be broad-based in the management of all the group’s funds within three years.”

Their aim is to strengthen their engagement in responsible investment across four main lines of action:

1. 100% ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issuer rating, investment management and voting policy at general meetings comprising: Extra-financial analysis based on ESG criteria to be extended to all investment strategies; and ESG performance will systematically be taken into account by Amundi in its shareholder dialogue with issuers and voting decisions at general meetings.

2. To strengthen advisory activities for institutional clients to support them in their ESG strategies and implementing initiatives.

3. To double the amounts invested in initiatives related to the environment and with a high social impact, by increasing the volume of thematic funds to €20bn.

4. A stronger commitment to social businesses, by increasing the amounts invested in the social and solidarity economy from €200m to €500m.

Amundi was one of the first in its field to embrace what is now widely adopted, having opened its ESG department in 2003.

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