Our Predictions for the Top Investing Terms 2019


After almost a decade of calm, 2018 was anything but status quo. The year’s been rife with market volatility, political upheaval, climate disasters, personal data dystopia, global economic uncertainty and so much more. The good news is that we get to start anew on January 1. The not-so-good news is that 2019 promises to be just as chaotic.

Our editors looked into their crystal balls to predict what the most-searched terms across Investopedia will be in the coming year. Some of these themes already started to simmer in 2018. Others seem less obvious. What’s for certain is that none of us know how things are going to play out once the clock strikes midnight, the fireworks fade and 2019 comes rushing in. That said, making predictions is fun, so here are ours, in alphabetical order.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bear Market








Face Rip




Registered Investment Advisor

Short Selling

Socially Responsible Investing

Subprime Auto Loan

Upside Surprise





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